Clinical Practitioners

Raksina Jan

Raksina is an independent nurse prescriber and clinical practitioner and has worked in general practice for an extensive period of time. Raksina can assess and prescribe and refer for health problems and liaises with the GPs and nurses to promote holistic health care for our patients.

Hiba Ahmed

Hiba is a senior prescribing pharmacist and has worked in general practice as a clinical practitioner for many years as well as having an extensive career as a pharmacist. Hiba will be able to assess and prescribe for patients for many conditions which they would have traditionally seen the GP. She has a special interest in medicines management and caring for the frail.

Arfan Bhatti – Clinical Paramedic Practitioner

Arfan is a graduate paramedic from the University of Hertfordshire.

He has worked for East of England Ambulance service as a frontline paramedic, with a wealth of experience in dealing with acute medical emergencies and urgent care. He is trained to clinically assess patients with minor illness/injuries, assist in the management of chronic conditions and provide urgent assessment to patients in our GP practice. He often carries out in depth health assessments, identifying patients at risk of illness and can provide them with advice and support to mitigate this. As well as in person assessment, Arfan often conducts telephone assessments and visits patients in their own homes.