Practice Team

Assistant Manager

Mrs Jaya Patel

Jaya has worked at Kingsbury Court Surgery since 2009 and works alongside Drs Dogra and Haider and Dr Khan (Managing Partner) and also Dr Haq in the management of the practice. Jaya works full time and is also responsible for staff management.

Reception Staff

Reception staff will help with any queries at reception or over the telephone. Sometimes you may be asked to provide a few details about your problem, the receptionist can guide you to the correct clinician. You can be assured that such information will be treated with the strictest confidence and used only to help you make the best of our services.


Secretaries are responsible for processing all correspondence for the doctors and other team members.

Computer Operator

Our computer operator is responsible for managing the computer system and updating information regarding patients. Please inform us of any change of names, telephone numbers and addresses to be corrected on the computer via online or by completing our form.